Australian Coaching Council – an independent, industry group committed to the development and welfare of sport coaches and officials.

Australian Coaching Council –  In 2018 the reconstituted Australian Coaching Council Ltd was established as a not-for-profit entity “to provide a system that will support National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s) to develop, implement and coordinate coaching and officiating policy and coaching and officiating development programs.”

ACC Advisory Committee chair Lawrie Woodman says: “Coaches are more than just part of the sport’s workforce.  The ACC is committed to collaborating with those with a high level of hunger for coaching development and improving sport for participants through coaching.”

What the Australian Coaching Council has to offer:

  • Respected independent representation
  • Leadership – national leadership and direction
  • Advocacy of the important contribution of coaches and officials
  • Focusing on Welfare and Development of coaches and officials
  • Technical support – including Course and resource development – potential through a user pays or subsidised model
  • Committed to building the breadth of representation on ACC Advisory Committee
  • The Future – commitment to meet the needs of Australian sport

Australian Coaching Council – ACC National Coaching Forums

The ACC has recently conducted the following Forums:

ACC National Strategic Framework Coaching in the 2020s

In August 2020 the ACC released the National Strategic Coaching Framework Coaching in the 2020s

In February 2021 the ACC released an article by Lawrie Woodman about Assisting Coaches Under Pressure highlighting the importance of protecting the health and well-being of coaches.

In May 2021 the ACC released the important article by Lawrie Woodman and Gene Schembri highlighting one of the essential roles of the coach in Maximising Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity in Coaching Sessions.

ACC Covid-Safe Coach and Officials On-line Accreditation course

In June 2020 the ACC released the Covid-Safe Coach and Officials On-line Accreditation course – as at 20 August 2020 over 50,000 coaches and officials had successfully completed the course.

To undertake the Covid-Safe Coach and Officials course follow the link:

Recognising the Coaches behind the Olympic athletes

Coaches of Australian 2020 Summer Olympic Medallists

Australian Coaching Council Website

For more information about the Australian Coaching Council visit the website