Priority Issues

CAS is working on the following priority issues and NSO’s can expect future communication on these matters.

Issue 1:  Securing Governments’ investment in and funding of Preventative Health initiatives and a National Physical Activity Strategy

  • Currently only 1.5% of Health funding from the Australian Government is directed towards Preventative Health. This % should be dramatically increased.
  • Developing a National Physical Activity Strategy – in which sport will play a significant, pivotal role
  • Developing and implementing targeted interventions to achieve the compliance of children’s daily requirement of 60 minutes moderate/vigorous physical activity
  • Seeking commitment and action on the key strategies identified by the Health, Education, Sport cross-sector collaboration on reducing the health burden of Physical Inactivity

Issue 2:   Encouraging Government to take a more strategic, consistent, long term funding commitments to essential elements of Sport

  • Sporting Infrastructure – a coordinated, national approach is required with commitment from the 3 levels of government
  • Commitment to a national audit of sporting facilities is essential for forward planning – commitment to the progressive repair, refurbishment and upgrade of facilities – provided within a workable timeframe to allow community organisations to continue providing quality, inclusive experiences from well maintained, safe, secure, functional community facilities.
  • Commitment to greater clarity, certainty and less bureaucracy of funding agreements for NSOs – ensuring a multi-year commitment that allows organisations to confidently plan, invest and resource targeted strategies and programs –  including high performance and pre-elite programs and supporting systems
  • Providing a significant increase in funding to NSOs for the provision of Participation programs and initiatives that align with the goals of the National Sport Plan ‘Sport 2030’
  • Providing incorporated community sporting organisations with access to the benefits of Charitable Status

Issue 3:   Committing to support structures and organisations that demonstrate a dedication to enhancing: