How CAS Advocacy Works

Our advocacy activities focus on improving the quality of policy and generating greater resources to support Australian sport. While CAS is particularly focused on issues of national importance that impact the sporting environment in an overall sense CAS is also committed working on issues that are of concern to specific sections within Australian sport. We combine grassroots feedback and top-level research to form an evidence-based lobbying agenda. We develop our advocacy campaigns by reaching out to National Sporting Organisations and other industry stakeholders and interest groups through surveys, focus groups, cross-sector forums and other means.

CAS generally agrees with the major themes and overarching goals of the National Sport Plan ‘Sport 2030’ released by then Minister for Sport, Bridget McKenzie in August 2018 – BUT (and it’s a big BUT) we fear that the key objectives will not be achieved because the Plan has not been adequately funded to ensure success. CAS is actively working to address the shortfall in required funding.

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