About Confederation of Australian Sport

The Confederation of Australian Sport (CAS) was established in 1976 to advance the interests of the Australian sports community and to give the industry a united voice in discussions and negotiations with governments and key stakeholders.
Our overriding aim is to contribute to the development of a society in which the social, economic and health benefits of widespread participation in sport and recreation are recognised and valued by all.
Through the promotion of participation in sport and physical activity, CAS aims:

  • to improve the health and well-being of individual Australians; and,
  • to maximise the sport and leisure industry’s contribution to the Australian economy

CAS has thirty years’ experience with political, economic, industrial and social developments in sport. It is the voice of the sport sector and aims to be influential and respected in the sport and recreation industry, the government and the community.
CAS aims to further the interests of sport and member organisations by:

  • facilitating positive public policy outcomes through active representation of sector views to governments, community decision makers and the public;
  • improving the performance of the sector through the dissemination of timely and relevant information, advice and services;
  • raising the profile of community sport organisations and increasing public awareness and understanding of the sector’s contribution to the community, the economy and the health status of the population.