National Sports Convention

National Sports Convention – Forums 2020 – Impact of the Covid Recession on Community Sport


Welcome to the National Sport Convention (NSC) 2020 Forums, where the NSC will be travelling to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with one day Forums focussing on Shaping Our Future, post COVID-19. In addition, the NSC Forums are offered both for onsite delegates to attend and virtually for those who can not attend in person.

The NSC Forums will bring together global discussion points and impacts on national priorities, exploring key opportunities for organisations to build into financial and strategic plans for July 2021 onwards. Embracing the learnings of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) during 2020 creates many generational opportunities from these challenging environments.


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The NSC Forums have been developed with over 40 industry bodies for sport, recreation, play, education, and government following the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly recalibrating our industry and how we think, plan and execute our planning and delivery to the community.

All our collaborators have one goal for these NSC Forums, to focus on how we can embrace the learnings from COVID-19, pivot our strategies and organisations priorities and plan ready for 2021 and beyond.  Appreciating that the majority of organisations plan in November ready for 2021 the NSC Forums aim to bring knowledge sharing and meaningful discussions with access to:

  • Global discussions focusing on “Generational Opportunity” to reposition our roles in encouraging participation
  • Keynote sessions with industry leaders and decision makers exploring the opportunities moving forward
  • Range of workshops across three separate cities providing access to local and national thinking and approaches
  • Significant discussion time to explore in depth the key issues and opportunities delegates are interested in
  • Virtual access through leading-edge technology to allow delegates to view and interact within each session and with other delegates

Expert Speakers and Panel Members


The NSC Forum has attracted over 70 speakers and panellists over the three cities including global, national, state and local leaders, planners and practitioners from all sectors to share insights and thoughts around how to embrace the opportunities ready for next year. As part of the NSC’s gender equity focus, this year’s Forums will host over 50% female speakers and panellists.

Networking Opportunities

There will be an abundance of networking opportunities at these Forums as we embrace new technological platforms to actively participate while balancing COVID health guidelines, with a range of events, conferences and interactive opportunities for delegates and e-delegates to embrace.


The latest NSC Forums Program details are available at