You can still participate in the Australian Coaching Councils COVID-safe course.

The results are in from the Covid-Safe Coaches and Officials on-line course launched in May 2020 with over 60,000 accreditations world-wide. The Australian Coaching Council (ACC) developed the new course aimed at providing support to the National Sporting Organisations and Associations in their return to play during COVID-19. 

Nearly 20,000 coaches and officials were accredited in Australia with  accreditations completed in over 100 countries globally. After Australia the top countries to complete the course were: India (16,290), United Kingdom (7,518), USA (3,152) and Brazil (2,651).  The ACC course content was developed from the Australian Government Health Advice at the time and referred the user to the relevant requirements of their individual State/Territory government. 

“The course was developed to provide coaches and officials with a basic understanding of COVID-19 and essential knowledge of the mechanisms and procedures needed to ensure a safe return to training sessions and competition play,”  said  Lawrie Woodman, Chair of the Australian Coaching Council Advisory Committee.

The Australian Martial Arts  sector had the highest number of accreditations with 4,625. The top four sports were Equestrian, Karate, Basketball and Netball with over 1,000 accreditations each. 

The Certification Program is free and will take about 30 minutes to complete. Designed by the Australian Coaching Council the course was an important part of the industry resumption plan for the sports industry. 

Anyone interested in completing the on-line course can still do so at