Issues Analysis

The Confederation of Australian Sport generally agrees with the Australian Government about the enormous contribution and benefits that sport and a physically active lifestyle makes to the Australian community.

CAS also shares the concern that the significant role played by sport in establishing our nation’s identity, culture and international sporting reputation is being challenged by the demands of modern life and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, particularly amongst our children.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia has the fifth highest rate of adult obesity in the developed world. The National Health Survey 2007–08 found that 68% of adult Australian men and 55% of adult women were overweight or obese. Further, 17% of Australian children (5–17 years) were overweight and nearly 8% were obese.

CAS agrees with the commentary within Australian Sport – the pathway to success -2010 that Australia does need to “place a strategic focus on collaboration, reform and investment across the entire sporting pathway – from the grassroots up”. Furthermore CAS is committed to working with all Governments and industry stakeholders to achieve this end.

CAS will be proactive in highlighting the critical issues currently facing the Australian community that are preventing Australians from accessing and participating in their desired sport or active recreational pursuit. CAS strongly believes that the Advocacy for and Leadership of Sport should be led and driven by Sport, strongly supported by Government – but not run by Government.

CAS believes that the significant contribution made by community sport and active recreation is not sufficiently recognised or rewarded by Government at all levels and CAS will actively promote the scale and importance of this contribution. Furthermore the scale of the contribution is not known or appreciated sufficiently by corporate Australia or the public.

CAS will provide an independent voice on current and emerging issues and will also be available to provide advice to government on issues relating to community participation. Policy position statements and submissions will be evidence based and developed to support the major issues facing the industry and community.

CAS will develop an effective advocacy network to support and enhance the impact and effectiveness of the delivery of key messages.

CAS will work to engage sport industry connected organisations and individuals to contribute to the broader thought and knowledge leadership.