Industry opportunity for relationship with CAS

As outlined in the Industry Services section CAS will provide a range of services to support and benefit the industry. Core services will be offered to National Sporting Organisations at no cost under the CAS Sport Partnership Program while other interested stakeholders will be able to access these services on a fee for service basis. A broader range of professional services will be available to industry participants as a fee for service.

In building the case for community sport and active recreation CAS will seek cooperation and collaboration of industry participants in the form of evidence based research and informed opinion.

Cost will not be a barrier to participation in CAS for National Sporting Organisations:

  • Sports Partnership Program – costs will be covered by CAS
  • Additional services – available at user pays / fee for service rates
  • Commercial partners – cash or contra contributions will be negotiated

CAS will work to provide value across a range of operational and strategic areas including:

  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Workforce development
  • Networking and industry development