National Indigenous Sports Summit


The historic National Indigenous Sports Summit to establish the ATSI Sports Association will be held at the Richmond AFL club on 12-13 October 2017.

Our aim is to put in place a National Indigenous sports body who will advocate for Indigenous sports men and women across the country and promote the great values of sport for Indigenous people and communities.

Attending the Summit will be 100 sport and community leaders comprising:

  • Federal and State Members of Parliament and government representatives of departments of Indigenous Affairs
  • Representatives of remote indigenous communities essential for the broad and inclusive discussions required for success
  • CEOs and Government Affairs managers from National and State Sporting Organisations and sporting clubs
  • Non-government organisations with an interest in the health, social and economic contribution of sport and in particular issues relating to indigenous sport and health

The National Foundation wants to ensure that we are there to advocate on behalf of Indigenous people and to also promote the great values of sport and recreation to all levels of Government and non-Government sectors. We’ll do this by:

  • Assisting where we can in the co-ordination of broad long term planning for Indigenous sport across Australia
  • Assist in the access for ATSI people to sports facilities and other sporting resources at a national level
  • Being able to provide our membership and supporters around Australia with the opportunity to express their views and opinions at forums and on-line, as well to promote the exchange of information and views where appropriate
  • Work in collaboration with our state bodies and representatives in helping to formulate policies which will have a major benefit to Indigenous people through the collection and collation of information and views by our membership and supporters but also by the minority view
  • To ensure we work in partnership with all levels of Government, the major and minor sporting organisations; the semi – governmental bodies; institutions; and the not for profit sector in an effort to give the greatest opportunity for Indigenous people to participate in sport and recreation
  • Promote the wonderful values of Sport and recreation through the presentation of awards of merits or any other form of recognition at a National level
  • Work in partnership with all relevant Government and Non-Government agencies to finally put in place the creation of a National Indigenous Sports Hall of Fame or Museum to acknowledge the significant contribution of our First Nations sports men and women
  • Assist with all states and territories to formulate their own sporting bodies which will align with the work of the National ATSI Sports Association
  • To ensure that the National Foundation works in partnership with and always includes the views of Indigenous sport and recreation

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